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Thesis: “µJena”

Fulvio Crivellaro and Gabriele Genovese discussed a thesis titled “µJena”, which focused on the design and development of an API for handling RDF and OWL ontologies on mobile devices (supervisor: Prof. Letizia Tanca, co-supervisor: Giorgio Orsi). The prototype is a reduced, lightweight porting of the Jena API. µJena is an open source project and anyone [...]

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Paper: “X-SOM: A Flexible Ontology Mapper”

The paper “X-SOM: A Flexible Ontology Mapper”, authored by Carlo A. Curino, Giorgio Orsi, Letizia Tanca has been accepted at the Semantic Web Architectures for Enterprises (SWAE) Workshop at DEXA 2007 – Regensburg, Germany 3-7 September 2007.

System interoperability is a well known issue, especially for heterogeneous information systems, where ontology-based representations may support automatic and [...]

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The paper “X-SOM: Ontology Mapping and Inconsistency Resolution” by Carlo A. Curino, Giorgio Orsi and Letizia Tanca has been accepted as a poster presentation at the 4th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC’07) that will take place from 3-7th, June 2007 in the Tyrol region of Innsbruck, Austria

Data integration is an old but still open issue [...]

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Paper: “Ontology-based Information Tailoring”

The paper “Ontology-based Information Tailoring” by C. Curino, E. Quintarelli and L. Tanca will be presented at the 2nd Int. Workshop on Database Interoperability (InterDB’06), Atlanta, U.S.A., 2006.

Current applications are often forced to filter the richness of datasources in order to reduce the information noise the user is subject to. We consider this [...]

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