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The prototype µJena API v1.5 is now available for download.

The µJena package contains:

  • µJena: the library (jar file)
  • µJena: the source-code
  • µJena: javadocs

The TestXSOM package contains:

  • TestXSOM: An example mobile application realized with Sun Java Wireless Toolkit v.2.5.2 that uses a small piece of the XSOM ontology matching system to compute the Jaro similarity between a local ontology and a remote ontology, showing the result of the matching.
  • TestXSOM: the source-code
  • TestXSOM: javadocs
Category Package Platform Size
Version 0.2
Library uJena-v1.5.tar.bz2 All 1.137.345 .tar.bz2
Application TestXSOM.tar.bz2 MIDP-2.0/CLDC-1.1 mobile phones 733.565 .tar.bz2
Docs Installation Instructions all 868 .txt
Docs Micro Jena Thesis (in Italian) All 1.861.679 .pdf


  • Fulvio Crivellaro – Bachelor Student
  • Gabriele Genovese – Bachelor Student
  • Giorgio Orsi – Ph.D Student

Other Helpful Contributors

Infos / Contribute / Bugs

If you are interested in the project, want to contribute or have bugs to report, please refer to Giorgio Orsi (orsi at elet dot polimi dot it).