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Thesis: “µJena”

Fulvio Crivellaro and Gabriele Genovese discussed a thesis titled “µJena”, which focused on the design and development of an API for handling RDF and OWL ontologies on mobile devices (supervisor: Prof. Letizia Tanca, co-supervisor: Giorgio Orsi). The prototype is a reduced, lightweight porting of the Jena API. µJena is an open source project and anyone [...]

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In December Luca Macagnino discussed a thesis titled “Ontology extraction from relational Databases based on semantics” (Estrazione di Ontologie da Basi di Dati Relazionali basata sulla Semantica); supervisor is Letizia Tanca, co-supervisor are Carlo Curino and Antonio Penta.

[Download and read the pdf document: ]

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In October Giorgio Orsi graduated, defending a thesis on Data Integration; supervisor is Letizia Tanca, co-supervisor is Carlo Curino.

Interoperability among automatic systems is a well known problem, especially for information systems. After the ’80s, the massive adoption of database systems inside organizations lead to the need to integrate different data
repositories with possibly incompatible data schemata. [...]

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