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Welcome to the Context-ADDICT web site!

The technological limitations of portable devices, the uncertain availability of wireless connections, and the need of not being garbled by unnecessary information, require to minimize the amount of data to be stored on mobile user’s devices. Thus, we propose to exploit knowledge about the user, the adopted device, and the environment – altogether called context – to the end of information tailoring.

The first steps toward information tailoring have been taken, driven by the desire to tailor information for small, portable devices: the result is the Very Small Database methodology. Soon we came to realize that such goal has a general validity and significance, especially considering the high rates which data volumes grow with, and the increasing difficulty to select the portion of relevant information among such huge amounts.

The Context-ADDICT (Context-Aware Data Design, Integration, Customization and Tailoring) research aims at the definition of a complete framework which, starting from a methodology for the early design phases, supports mobile users through the dynamic hooking and integration of new, available information sources, until an appropriate context-based portion of data is delivered on their mobile device.